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Indian Rosewood

Indian rosewood, from the dalbergia family, is a very valuable wood that comes mainly from the Indian subcontinent. Highly prized aesthetically for its golden-brown to purplish-brown tones with darker grain, density and durability, it is especially prized in parts of guitar construction, which contribute to a warm, resonant sound. Like many Dalbergia species, Indian rosewood faces problems of overharvesting and habitat loss and is listed in CITES Appendix II, which regulates its international trade to ensure its sustainability.

Harvesting and trading in this species are strictly regulated to prevent further depletion of wild populations. Sustainable forestry practices and conservation efforts are being implemented to ensure the long-term survival of this prized tree species.

At Tonewoods, SL, the Indian rosewood we sell is scientifically known as Dalbergia latifolia, which can reach 40 meters in height and a diameter of between 0.6 and 1.2 meters. With a density of 900 kg it is known for its natural resistance to insects and other pests, it contains natural oils and resins that act as a pest deterrent.

Indian rosewood is specifically used for the production of backs and sides, fingerboards, bridges, headplates and other acoustic instruments, improving the sound as well as the aesthetics of the instrument.

Indian rosewood
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