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Ebony wood is a dense, dark-coloured wood found mainly in the Diospyros species, with distribution and habitat from various parts of the world. The most valuable ebony trees are found in India, Sri Lanka and some regions of Africa such as Congo, Gabon or Madagascar, in this latter case, ebony is included in CITES Appendix III, which implies a regulated trade, in order to avoid unsustainable or illegal exploitation of this species.

Ebony wood is highly valued, not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its hardness, durability and texture. It is often used in luxury or high-end products, as well as the production of musical instrument parts, however, due to over-harvesting and habitat loss, many ebony species are now endangered, which has led to conservation efforts and increased regulation of the trade.

At Tonewoods, SL, the ebony we trade comes from Congo FSC Forest concessions in the Shanga region.

These long-term concessions guarantee us a stable and constant supply for years, with transparency of traceability and selective logging, helping to preserve the forests.

Scientifically named Dyospiros Crassiflora, this subspecies can reach 18 metres in height and a diameter of between 0.6 and 1 metre.


One of the main characteristics of our ebony is its high density: 1200 kg, being very resistant to attack by fungi, termites, and other insects, which makes it a perfect wood to produce our tonal products such as fingerboards, bridges, headplates, sides, backs, and piano keys, among others, improving its acoustic properties and durability. It is important to remark that its visual appearance can be confused with granadillo wood, with botanical name Dalbergia melanoxynon, which is used to produce parts of wind instruments such as the oboe, flute, or clarinet.

In Tonewoods, S.L. we also offer ebony to produce parquet, due to its noble characteristics and high heartwood.

In our range, you can also find products for the interior design sector and high-quality furniture.

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