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The Cedar or Spanish cedar, with the scientific name Cedrela odorata belongs to the Meliaceae family. Despite its name, the cedar is not a cedar itself (Cedrus species), but a member of the mahogany family.

It is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, including countries such as Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia and Honduras. Cedrela odorata wood is highly valued for its properties and is used in a variety of applications.

Cedar wood is usually light pink to reddish brown in color, with a straight grain and a fine to medium texture. The heartwood darkens with exposure to light and air, turning a deeper reddish brown over time. The sapwood is lighter in color and is usually not clearly distinguishable from the heartwood.

Availability and sustainability: Cedar is harvested for its valuable timber, and sustainable forestry practices are important to ensure the long-term availability of this resource. Certified sustainable sources and responsible logging practices help to maintain the balance between demand and conservation, and it is listed in CITES Appendix II, which implies regulated trade, thus avoiding unsustainable or illegal exploitation of this species.

Cedar is moderately durable, showing good resistance to decay and insect attack, especially compared to other types of softwoods.

The wood is relatively easy to work with hand and machine tools, as it cuts cleanly and has good dimensional stability. It also holds screws and nails well.

Spanish cedar wood has a pleasant distinctive aroma, which is one of its notable characteristics. This aroma is due to the presence of aromatic compounds in the wood, including cedrol.

Among its most common uses, cedar is a wood in great demand in the construction of musical instruments, such as guitars and other stringed instruments, for its tonal qualities and stability.


At Tonewoods, SL, the cedar (cedrola odorata) we sell comes from FSC® forest concessions in Guatemala and Brazil. These long-term concessions guarantee us a stable and constant supply for years, with full traceability and selective logging, helping to preserve the forests. Its height can reach 40 meters and a diameter of between 1 and 1.5 meters and has a density of 400 kg. Cedar wood also has natural insect repellent properties due to its chemical composition, which makes it a durable choice and is used for the manufacture of our tonal products such as necks, heels and guitar interiors. 

Within Tonewoods trade, due to its versatility Cedar becomes the perfect alternative as a raw material to manufacture cabinets, moldings and reinforcements .

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