We travel the globe searching for rare, expensive, certified wood that will be utilized on high end musical instruments, so the least we can do is cut it properly and present it in a user friendly manner. To accomplish this we decided to invest in modern machinery and equip it with the right tooling.  The result is a very high yield and a product that is consistent in grade and dimensions that needs less work to be transformed into instrument parts.


The heart of our sawmill is a frame saw that uses 1.25 mm kerf blades and produces smooth surface blanks with a +/- 0.1 mm tolerance in thickness. Preparing wood for this machine we have a brand new table saw, band saw and a spiral head planer – thicknesser, while another key part of our production system is our two vacuum kilns with 5 cbm capacity each. moments

We share with you some of the moments lived during our professional life.

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tonewood needs

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