Competitive advantage

Before getting into detail about the reasons an instrument maker should consider working with us, it is also important to understand what we are not geared up for.

To start, we don’t carry hundreds of species from every corner in the planet, it is impossible to control so many sources, instead we focus on the most demanded species by the music industry from a handful of suppliers that we know very well.

We neither carry huge inventories, we only produce to order based on yearly purchasing plans. The supply of certified wood is limited and we purchase it strictly based on our needs, since it can take up to a year between the moment we order a batch of logs until it arrives at our sawmill.

Because the minimum unit we can buy is a log, we are neither prepared to supply small quantities of a species, however we are always open to make a limited run of a lesser known species to check out its tonal properties.

Having understood these constraints, here are the main reasons you should consider buying wood from us:

Tree to instrument

Purchasing raw material direct at the origin.

Cutting edge

Using the latest wood processing technology.

Forests for all forever

Only dealing with FSC® certified sources.

How do we work in tone woods

looking forward to hearing about your
tonewood needs

for additional information please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will be pleased to study your individual wood requirements