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1995 Nicholas Weber enters the University of Valencia to study Economics. He specializes in international trade and relationships, setting the conceptual bases for his future career. 

2000 Nicholas starts to work at Maderas Barber S.L., a company based in Valencia (Spain) specialized in trading and producing tonewood since 1955. His first responsibility as financial controller was to supervise the company’s operations in Spain and abroad at its external sawmills based in Nigeria, Cameroon, Mozambique and Canada. In 2001 he was promoted to purchasing manager, two years later he was also responsible for the sales department and in 2006 he started managing the company.

2010 Nicholas decides to set up his own tonewood business, focusing on the most demanded species by the industry. At the beginning he started representing tonewood producers like The Teal Jones Group in Canada, Van Orman Guitars in the US, Crelicam in Cameroon (now belonging to Taylor Guitars), Gemwood in India and Sound & Fair in Tanzania. He was not only acting as sales agent for these companies, he also helped them stream line their operations, from harvesting the right trees to improving their quality control. 

2012 FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) is obtained for his operation in Spain and first batch of FSC 100% Sapele is imported, processed into backs and sides and then exported to the US. 

2014   Tonewoods S.L. is founded in Valencia by Nicholas with the objective of transforming and commercializing tonewoods using the latest processing and drying technologies, sourced from FSC certified companies when possible, direct at the origin.  Apart from Sapele, he also starts to supply FSC 100% Ebony, African Mahogany (Khaya) and Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata)

2015 Partner company in the US, Van Orman Guitars LLC, obtains become an FSC Controlled Wood company.

2016 Nicholas Weber is the first tonewood producer to supply FSC wood only. He doesn’t have any other type of wood in his supply chain but is still able to provide top tier species like Ebony, Mahogany, Cedar, Maple, Spruce and Indian Rosewood. 

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