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Nicholas Weber started his career in the tonewood industry in 2000 after finalizing his university degree in economics, where he specialized in international trade and relationships. After working for 10 years for one of the largest tonewood suppliers worldwide, he started his own company in Valencia (Spain) where he processes  some of the most demanded species like Ebony, Mahogany, Cedar, Spruce, Sapele and Khaya. He also has a partnership in the US for Bigleaf Maple and trades Indian Rosewood direct from the source. 

There are three points that make his operations stand out from the competition:

1 – Purchasing raw material direct at the origin, without intermediaries, it is Nicholas himself who regularly visits his suppliers in Africa, India,  Europe, North and South America. Apart from inspecting the quality and assisting his sources to produce tonewood grade material, he makes sure they comply with international timber regulations like the Lacey Act and the EUTR. 

2 – Using the latest wood processing technology, not only for preparing and cutting the wood, but also for drying it. He has a brand new machinery to prepare the wood into billets that are then cut on a framesaw to produce fingerboards, backs and sides, bridges, necks or head plates. Prior to processing, the wood is cut into lumber that is first air dried for several months and then put into vacuum kilns until the moisture contents is reduced to 8%. 

3 – Only dealing with FSC® certified sources, this was Nicholas’ quest when he set up his own company and is now proud to only deal with certified material. Not only has he carefully selected his suppliers among those that were already FSC certified, but also encouraged and assisted companies that weren’t to follow the path. He is currently the only tonewood supplier that has 100% of his sources certified, because he firmly believes in the FSC principles, but also because this is a guaranty to his customers that he will never be tangled up in an illegal wood scandal.

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Tonewoods Team

Sales & Operations, Nicholas Weber deals directly with all his customers, by doing so he knows exactly what their needs are and organizes operations accordingly. He’s also the one who travels to the source of the different species he deals with, he’s responsible for the FSC CoC and it isn’t rare to find him grading wood or behind the saw processing something. He really enjoyes what he does and transfers his passion and hands on approach to the rest of the team.

Administration, Nicholas’ wife Isabel and her assistant are in charge of bookkeeping, finances, shipping and receiving. We try to keep our structure as light as possible to stay competitive.

Production, five staff members operate the machinery of the company. Most of the time we work in series, processing a batch of wood from beginning to end. We find it’s the most cost effective way of processing and also eliminates the chances of error within the CoC.

Nicholas Weber

Nicholas Weber

Sales & Operations

Isabel Bellver

Isabel Bellver


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