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Nicholas Weber is specialised in producing guitar tonewood. He sources the raw material direct at origin from FSC® certified forests that he then transforms into guitar parts at his sawmill in Valencia (Spain) using the latest wood processing and drying technologies. His product is shipped worldwide to the most renowned guitar makers.

Nicholas Weber provides the music industry with the most demanded guitar tonewoods from certified forests. There are three points that make his operations stand out from the competition.

Tree to instrument

Purchasing raw material direct at the origin.

Cutting edge

Using the latest wood processing technology

Forests for all forever

Only dealing with FSC® certified sources

Quality tonewoods for musical instruments

Specialist in providing quality wood for making musical instruments. We supply instrument makers worldwide with a wide selection of tonewoods. Currently our main customers are in North America, China and Europe.

Tonewoods recibe el apoyo financiero del IVACE

Hemos recibido el apoyo financiero del IVACE, a través de la convocatoria de ayudas a proyectos de Digitalización de Pyme (DIGITALIZA-CV) con cargo al presupuesto del ejercicio 2020, expediente IMDIGA/2020/444, por un importe de 12.847,20 €, para la implantación y...

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